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Wednesday, 14 May 2008 19:22


".......... my eternal "hostility" to collective thinking/ acting. The key to living well – is to recognize that we are social beings who need the cooperation of others while, at the same time, retaining our individual sense of understanding and direction. We need to maintain an energized awareness that never allows our social needs to pre-empt our individual judgments about the propriety of our actions."

I have taken a long walk in a quite, calm, cold, relatively sunny and beautiful city and suddenly realised how praised I must be to be able to do just that! All by myself, quite comfortable and without any disturbances. And so free. I felt praised to feel that free in a country declared to be one of the world’s most "equal” countries regarded to humanistic issues, gender issues, welfare issues and so on! (I would not claim that things are 100% anywhere but at least I can not find any other place which would match these facts/ experiences! - just now!)

Along my walk I thought about the humanistic issues regarded to a collective view, though I am very individualistic! Suddenly I was not so sure about if there also could/ must be a gender influence in that definition! And consequently I had to realise that an individual view might also be coloured by whether it is from an XX perspective or an XY ditto?

Indeed not so easy stuff to deal with such a cold, calm and relatively sunny day!
But I am an engaged person who doesn’t miss to cease any occasion for making any difference.

So dear folks and friends take a little twinkle of your time and try to make the same think-tank journey where ever you are/ how ever you are/ who ever you are, and maybe if you wish or…..get back so this monolog could be more social than asocial (monolog vs duolog)!

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Thursday, 08 May 2008 18:12


Act of Shame!!!
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Thursday, 08 May 2008 17:01




Homage to Elisabeth Fritzl and her kids!


Some reflections concerning the unbelievable Flitzl story in Austria:

the ...... (can not find any discription för this maniac!) father who encaved his 18 yrs old daughter for 24yrs! (and later some of their jointed kids), in a sellar totally pity-less! In darkness and extreme horror, day and night 24 hrs! 7 days a week! yrs long/ ages further! Winter-spring-summer-automn! The extremely malacious father who raped his own daughter for so long time without any mercy, gave birth to 7 kids with her....treated them like.............?!

I try to ask how, why, what for? and my imagination is completely blowed out to emptiness! I never thought that there could be such shameful acts! Such cold hearts! horrible minds!! Such cruelty! Such lack of empathy!

It is so awful to realize how such things can happen!

Sit down! Imagine scenarios when you feel you want to wake up! Wake up from a nightmare just to realize that it is not just A nightmare but multi-nightmares/ infinitly ditto! And the nightmares are for real!

Imagine to think that even Hell might be a paradise compared to "this"! This...
Imagine, further the feeling of waking up and realizing how easy it is to be totally mistaken, betrayed, mistreated, humiliated......

I am exceedingly sad to see that the people you are supposed to trust most of all are doing so fabulously much bad to you and don´t hesitate to hurt you, not for a twinkle, anytime!.

Lay down! Close your eyes and you are now just capable to see Devils around you! Sssssssscreaming around you! In your ears - blowing your heart! your brain! your spirit! out! Out - reaching galaxies! Light-years away!
- declaring persistently: Do not think you are going to be free! Do not! You are in our total power! And you totally depend on us! So! Just start to accept that yet there is more and worse to come! And we will certainly do our best to exponentially blow out your existence in the worst matters!

What a betrayal!
What a disaster!

So much distress!
So much pain!

What emotional impacts are turning around all this mess? In my mind? In all minds?
Where is the trust? to anyone? anything? even yourself?
Where is the justice?
Where are the powers?

Will there always be fear?

Will there ever be any peace?

So fragile life is!

And So amazing it is! at the same time! - keep to ask myself: how can a person hold it anyway a time like this? Hold its messed pieces without loosing its mind, its integrity, its respect for life!

So my greatest Homage to you: Elisabeth Fritzl!
What a person! You! are!
What a mother! You! are!

I am thinking about a lot!

Elisabeth Fritzl................

My heart is shaking for her!
My mind too!

But wait:
SUDDENLY! I realize:
this maniac Josef Fritzl did one Good and Big thing: He gave birth to this Great person! To Elisabeth Fritzl!

The maniac he is!
The even bigger maniac he remains!

Indeed! So absurd life is!

A number of different emotions are here to stay! Making you for ever realizing: yes you have been betrayed. Of course by your closest persons who are supposed to protect you! to support you! to love you! To take care of you!

No strength even for any anger anymore!
- just A lot of emptiness!

Can we ever trust anyone?
Can I?

So plz let us see how we can do to avoid such situations?!!
How can we seed trust! responsibility! respect for each? for ourselves?
How can we reconciliate with each in our inter-human relations?

All is left to say!
All is left to do!
Ages forward!

I am so SAD and SORRY for all the inhumanity around!

Just a small reflection.......
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Monday, 28 April 2008 00:00

Just a small reflection.......

The English author and philosopher Aldous Huxley said at the end of his life: It is a bit embarrassing to have dedicated your whole life to the human dilemma just to realise at the end that you don´t have anything else to offer in advise except: "try to be a bit kinder/ nicer”.
- So simple – and so difficult – it is!

* Kindness and gentleness must be the best and greatest thing that we can offer the world around us!

"The price of Greatness is Responsibility."


Q-sane! vs Q-saine!
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Monday, 28 April 2008 00:00

According to a popular wisdom it is only nuances that separate geniality from sanity and it is further said that many of the greatest historical geniuses were as crazy as they were genius.

Creativity is the rescue however since it is an interplay between intelligence and the brain’s degree of chaos and it is further said that there must be high intelligence to keep order in the “thought-swarm” to avoid the Chaos and we can, all of us, be placed somewhere between our inhibitions and our creative capacity!

- Accordingly it is up to everyone of us to allow itself to experiment in a positive spirit!

a blog for hope and challenge away from misery and dispair....
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Friday, 11 April 2008 00:00

Shame on Us if we accept these kinds of conditions when and where ever............

This is and must be about how we can do to make our world a better place to live on! 14ALL41!